Development of optimal IT solutions with cost-saving of in-house hiring around 40% of the budget


  • Adoption of agile app development approach allows you run-time changes during the development process
  • The utilization of existing coding solutions saves development time and cost.
  • Use of Open source technology platforms provides flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability for powerful software solutions

Organized utilization of every resource to generate a unique value proposition to the customer and obtain a competitive edge to the business.

We achieve a thriving solution by

  • Defining business positioning attributes before designing the business solution
  • Understanding the customer requirements with market surveys

A process-driven approach while developing solutions enables product deployment within the deadline

CFT assures guaranteed on time app delivery with

  • Transparency in process communication at every phase of development
  • PMS tools to keep updated with project status report

QA check to improve the work processes and efficiency of a custom solution and obtain a competitive edge to the business

We assure quality app solutions by

  • Adopting a test-driven development approach used in the complete development process
  • Designing a leading Quality Assurance strategy and executing various testing types at run-time

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