About CustomerFirst Technology

CustomerFirst Technology is an up and coming IT company based in India.  What makes us special is that we combine both youth and experience in the IT industry which makes us unique in our field.  At CFT we have found that clients were not getting the most out of their money working with other companies, so our goal is to offer services that will help clients maximize their business while minimizing their costs.  We call ourselves Customer First Technology because we truly pay attention to every detail and listen to our customers and give our best effort to give them what they want.
Our Main Goal is to put the customer before anything else, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with our customers and being someone they can trust.  We are customer-centric IT outsourcing company that will work tirelessly to make sure our customer gets what they paid for.  We are creative and try to think outside the box, giving new and innovative ways to help make our customers thrive.  We listen to our customers and will give feedback when needed on what will help them create their best product.

Our Skills Our Reputation & Intergity

It’s a practice that draws together the extraordinary minds planning and crafting the best solutions under one roof. It’s an approach that has worked for Digital/Marketing Agencies, Web/Mobile Companies, Startups, Software Development firms across the globe.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a company that our customers can count on.  We want our customers to always trust us, that we have their best interest in mind. Our work ethic combined with our experience and knowledge of the IT industry makes us the company for you. One that conducts itself with honor and integrity while also having the experience and creative minds to give you a great chance to reach your potential.

Our Vision

To produce the best IT services, product engineering, and customize software solutions to every customer using our experience, expertise, and problem-solving strategy which nourishes them to thrive in their business.

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